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How “they” view “us”

David Gorski @ Science-Based Medicine:

“When blogging about SBM versus quackery, my target is not people like J.B. Handley, Mama Mac, the bloggers at AoA or The Thinking Moms’ Revolution, or Eric Merola. These people are the very people who believe that I am an evil person hopelessly in the thrall of big pharma, which rewards me richly for crushing their hopes. (If that’s the case, I ask: Where is all that filthy lucre? Where is my Maserati? Where is my yacht? Where is my private jet? As an academic surgeon, I make a comfortable living and can afford a nice house and car, but that’s about it.) Speaking of filthy lucre, it’s also absolutely critical to distinguish between the reasons “they” attack “us.” If it’s a bunch of chiropractors protecting their turf, as far as I’m concerned, the gloves are off, and they’re fair game. Ditto if we’re talking about Stanislaw Burzynski or his propagandist Eric Merola. On the other hand, if it’s the desperate parents of a child with a terminal brain tumor or the terrified husband of a woman dying of a brain tumor, who are clinging to Burzynski as the only hope of saving her child, a much gentler approach is called for.

In any event, it’s far more important to get the fence-sitters and make sure good science-based information is out there for them. I also use a variety of techniques, ranging from the more—shall we say?—”insolent” to more dispassionate discussions of science, and everything in between. True, I do tend to lean more towards the more sarcastic end of the spectrum (which is why I admire Mark Crislip’s tone and posts so much), but, to be honest, I used to be a lot snarkier and nastier, no matter how much it might be hard for one of our readers to believe.”

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